TexFileOut problems

Jim Menard jimm at io.com
Wed Jun 6 16:13:15 UTC 2001

John Hinsley writes:
> So, I load in the change set, pop open a browser and from the menu
> TexFileOut (for example) Collections-Text Symbol. 
> This results in a file "Symbol class.tex" in my home directory. Of
> course, "Symbol class.tex" is an illegal file name under any *nix. So I
> change it to "Symbol_class.tex" (legal under any OS) in Kde. 

Spaces are perfectly legal file name characters under *nix. You may have to
escape the space or put the file name in quotes, however

    prompt> ls Symbol\ class.tex
    prompt> ls "Symbol class.tex"

Try typing "Symb" then hitting the tab key. Many modern shells will
complete the file name, including doing the escaping or quoting for you.

> Opening up the file I see something that looks like a .tex file:

The output looks like TeX, not LaTeX.

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