[updates] 80 new ones for 3.1alpha [FETCH OK NOW]

Dan Ingalls Dan at SqueakLand.org
Sat Jun 23 21:55:04 UTC 2001

Folks -

I have just forwarded 80 updates from the last month to the servers for 3.1 alpha.  These include various features and fixes in just about every corner of the system.  The inconsistent ordering has been fixed, so downloading should work with no problem.

	- Dan
4082CursorWrapped-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 25 May 2001
Fixes a problem when a cursor is modified in a morph with no submorphs."


4084WnldRename-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 26 May 2001
Allow renaming of wonderland actors."

4085WnldNav-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 26 May 2001
Better Wnld navigation."

4086GenieUpdate-NS -- Nathanael Scharli -- 26 May 2001
Genie is a character and gesture recognition system for Squeak.
This changeset contains a new class CRStrokeMorph which drastically speeds up the graphical feedback while entering a gesture. In addition it fixes a bug related to the event-handling"

4087copyFix-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 26 May 2001
Fixes the bug that made 'foos copy' continuously reevalute in a Viewer. The postscript fixes up existing vocabularies.
Also fix the bug that had blocked the viewer menu for #copy from showing its traditional 'give me a copy now' item"

4088altUrlFix-raa -- Bob Arning -- 27 May 2001
Handle case where #altUrl is <nil>"

4089BetterPoohPaint-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 27 May 2001
Makes Pooh painting use antialiased strokes (hey, we got 32bpp so why not use it :-)"

4090fasterSymbols1-raa -- Bob Arning -- 26 May 2001
Speed up #asSymbol for Characters (part 1 of 2)"
urger at Suntrust.com
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Carolyn Crist 804-847-2358

John Richards/Nell McIver
after 5: 804-846-2771
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home 804-384-1629

Sarah 401-521-6108
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4091fasterSymbols2-raa -- Bob Arning -- 28 May 2001
Speed up #asSymbol for Characters (part 2 of 2)"

4092TexPaintTweaks-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 28 May 2001
Fix up the obsolete #view mode and make filling faster."

4093StackSummary-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 28 May 2001
Adds menu item to StackMorphs: 'Find via this Template'.  The current card is taken to have search keys in each field.  All cards that match all keys in the corresponding fields are displayed in a list.  Click on any item to see that card in the stack.  (In homage to Steve Weyer's FindIt information retrieval system from the mid-1970s."

4094fewerBecomes1-raa -- Bob Arning -- 28 May 2001
Part 1 of 2 - eliminating a fair number of #become: sends while filing in a change set"

4095fewerBecomes2-raa -- Bob Arning -- 28 May 2001
Part 2 of 2 - eliminating a fair number of #become: sends while filing in a change set"

4096GermanVocab-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 28 May 2001
Adds a german vocabulary for eToys."

4097MoreTexPaintTweaks -- Andreas Raab -- 28 May 2001
Adds more tweaks for texture painting."

4098NewSymbols1-raa -- Bob Arning -- 29 May 2001
(Part 1 of 2) - When creating new Symbols, add them to NewSymbols so that the entire SymbolTable does not get into roots and slow down incremental GC."

4099NewSymbols2-raa -- Bob Arning -- 29 May 2001
(Part 2 of 2) - When creating new Symbols, add them to NewSymbols so that the entire SymbolTable does not get into roots and slow down incremental GC."

4100lessFlushing-raa -- Bob Arning -- 29 May 2001
To speed up fileins, skip the #flush of the changes file that would normally occur after every method is written. The speed gained here may vary from OS to OS, but it was a big winner for me and the disk got a lot quieter."

4101lessGrowing-raa -- Bob Arning -- 29 May 2001
Perhaps a bit controversial, but increasing the initial size of a MethodDictionary will decrease the number of times it needs to grow as methods are added. Can save on the order of 15 to 20% on the time required to filein a change set."

4102methodRefs-raa -- Bob Arning -- 29 May 2001
Implements MethodReference to be used in places where we once used strings of the form
	'Blah class fooMessage'
This will avoid the extra work of reparsing the string and looking up symbols. May have benefits elsewhere as well. Browsing senders of #mref will point out some of the odd situations still to be cleaned up

4103symbolGoof-raa -- Bob Arning -- 29 May 2001
Fix a few recent goof relating to enumeration of symbols and the method finder"

4104CardPlayerUndo-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 29 May 2001
Update 4093StackSummary-tk.cs added an instance variable to CardPlayer.  This was a bad idea.  The mechanism that fixes up instances inside an older ImageSegment can't deal with changes in the shape of CardPlayer or Player.
	In this update we put CardPlayer back the way it was.  
	The results of a template search in a StackMorph are now held in a class variable of each specfic CardPlayer class."

4105noBecome1-raa -- Bob Arning -- 30 May 2001
Part 1 of 2 - offer alternate ways to add and remove methods in MethodDictionary that do not involve #become:"

4106StackFix-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 30 May 2001
I finally found the bug that has caused text in StackMorphs to be duplicated on many cards.  When the contents of a field was stored into the CArdPlayer, it was not being copied.  The same Text object then lived on the background and in the card data.  When a new card was created, modifed and stored, the same Text object was stored for it also!"

4107inheritedComment-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 30 May 2001
Adds to the available annotations an element which reports the first precode comment of the method, or that of its super-method if missing.
Also (unrelated) changes the code-pane provenance button to be transparent"

4108vocabSwitch-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 30 May 2001
When the user switches to a different vocabulary in a Viewer, all the scripts and viewer panes belonging to the object in question are now transformed so that they show the new vocabulary."

4109BetterGermanVocab-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 30 May 2001
Puts umlauts in the appropriate places. Sigh. This is a pain in the neck on this keyboard..."

4110MPEGPlayer-jm -- John Maloney -- 30 May 2001
This is a reworked MPEG and MP3 player with improved performance.
To try it, do:
  MPEGMoviePlayerMorph new openInWorld
Then use the 'open' button to open an MPEG movie file."

4111NebraskaTweaks-raa -- Bob Arning -- 31 May 2001
Some visual improvements for the NebraskaServerMorph"

4112pianoRollClickFix-jm -- John Maloney -- 1 June 2001
Removes clicks and other artifacts when mousing on chords in a PianoRollMorph."


4114twoFixes-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 31 May 2001
(1)  A fix for a problem with changing data type of an instance variable.
(2)  A fix for the tear-off-tile-getter-of-type feature."

4115listFont-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 1 June 2001
Allows PluggableListMorphs to have their font size and styles changed via menu command."

4116navFixes-raa -- Bob Arning -- 1 June 2001
Be more insistent on positioning of InternalThreadNavigationMorph at the lower right of world."


4118StackLooks-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 31 May 2001
To change to color of a blank TextMorph, execute
self setProperty: #nullTextColor toValue: Color transparent.
in it. "

4119SearchLooks2-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 2 June 2001
	Fix a bug in template search results when card is not a gradient fill.  
	HyperCard text Find now respects word starts.
	Another Find bug fixed, also.
My previous update, 4118StackLooks-tk, has an incorrect description.  Here is a better version:
	Update to improve the template stack searching.  The 'blank text color' everywhere in the system is now a translucent light gray.
The list of search results looks better, and is enclosed in a rectangle.  If the card has a gradient fill, the search results will also."

4120PaintFeedback-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 2 June 2001
Make viewers hide and scripts stop when we go into any kind of painting mode. Refactors these actions into PasteUp>>prepareToPaint."

4121RenamePoohActor -- Andreas Raab -- 3 June 2001
Automatically name Pooh created objects as 'sketch'."

4122KeepRunning-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 3 June 2001
Keep scripts running when painting 3D objects."

4123anotherGoof-raa -- Bob Arning -- 4 June 2001
Fixes a bug I introduced in searching all method source for a string"

4124ButtonFillStyles-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 4 June 2001
Enable the use of fill styles in buttons."

4125mpegLoop-jm -- John Maloney -- 3 June 2001
Adds a repeat button to the MPEG player. Also adds a work-around
for bugs in the C library that cause errors if you seek to a new
position while playing. The work-around is to simply stop playing
if the position slider is dragged. Finally, hides the video display
when playing an audio-only (MP3) file."

4126mpegAppearance-jm -- John Maloney -- 4 June 2001
Gradient-fill style appearance per Alan's request."

4127moviePlayerFix-mir -- Michael Rueger -- 4 June 2001
Fixes the problem with running movies in the browser plugin. It turned out that AsycFile wants a full file name."

4128nebraskaGribblies-raa -- Bob Arning -- 4 June 2001
Attempt to remove gribblies in Nebraska when not 1x1 scaling. May cost some speed, so let's see if it's worth it"
"Smalltalk at: #Q1 put: (Array new: 10)."

4129TranslateVocab-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 4 June 2001
	1) fixed menu items in 'choose language' in the shift menu of a text pane.
	2) Vocabulary>>strings returns the parts of the vocabulary for scripting that need to be translated to add a new foreign language.  A template for making a new addGermanVocabulary method.  
	3) Instructions on how to submit a vocabulary to a web language translation site.  Not very good results, but fun."

4130vocabOnRefStream-raa -- Bob Arning -- 4 June 2001
When writing the EToyVocabulary known as #eToy, write a reference instead of the object itself to save space and time"

4131boldSelector-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 4 June 2001
Restores the bolding of selectors in browsers, which was inadvertently clobbered by a recent update."

4132B2DGradientFix-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 4 June 2001
Fixes a long-standing bug in the Balloon engine when linear gradients had a negative orientation."

4133vocabSymbol-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 4 June 2001  **PATCHED 6 June 2001***
Makes objects that formerly held references to a vocabulary now hold on to a symbol representing that vocabulary.
This patched version includes both of the methods subsequently published in update 4140; they are retrofitted here to preclude a failure that could occur when filing in the original version of this update into an image that had any Alice scripting going on in it"

4134expandBox-jlb -- Jim Benson -- 5 June 2001
Add another button to the system window frame to expand/collapse a window fullscreen (Morphic Only).  Tweaked by Scott Wallace."

4135preCodeComments-raa -- Bob Arning -- 5 June 2001
Some aids for Scott's documentation efforts:
(1)  Have the spell-checker, when adding new temporary variables, insert the temps 
declaration *after* any initial precode comment the method may have.
(2)  Make #firstPrecodeCommentFor: return the first comment found in 
the method before the actual code begins, whether that comment 
precedes or follow the temps declaration.

4136test1-jm -- John Maloney -- 4 June 2001
Test update; no contents, just testing update mechanism."


4140vocabFix-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 5 June 2001
Fixes an error and an oversight in update 4133."

4141miscellany-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 6 June 2001
(1)  Changes the wording of the prototypical TextMorph (such as is found in a Supplies flap) from 'Text for Editing' to 'Abc'.  Won't show up in Supplies flap unless you reinitialize flaps (e.g. by stopping the use of shared flaps and then starting it again).
(2)  Fixes bug that could crop up in PluggableListMorphOfMany when #mouseMove: happened to get called while #dragOnOrOff was nil.
(3)  Protects various methods against the new convention that message-list entries might have the pseudo-selectors #Comment, #Definition, or #Hierarchy, such as when requesting Versions for such an item.
(4)  Arranges for CollapsedMorphs *not* to have zoom boxes.
(5)  Restores the health of PluggableListMorph.verifyContents, which was not savvy about the recent shift to MethodReference objects and consequently could drop the user into a debugger.
(6)  Modifies the check-for-methods-without-comments check in the change sorter so that only precode comments are considered in the search."

4142msgListBalloonHelp-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 6 June 2001
Under control of a new Preference, #balloonHelpInMessageLists, makes it possible for message lists in Morphic to provide balloon help in conjunction with a mouseover of any list item, whether selected or not.  The balloon help provided is the first precode comment in the method, but if the method has no precode comment, then the superclass chain is searched until a usable precode comment is found.  This works in browsers and message lists.  The preference is initially set to false (these balloons will be very annoying to some people,) so you will need to set it to true proactively to see the effect."

4143moreFilters-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 6 June 2001
Implements six further filters for the little-talked-about 'filter-message-set' feature, including an item that allows you to type in a filtering block on the fly.
Provides balloon help for all the filtration items."

4144chgListDiffs-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 8 June 2001
For change-list browsers and versions browsers, stop offering various irrelevant code-viewing options (byteCodes, tiles, etc.), but *do* offer diffs and prettyDiffs, and make the right thing happen in both kinds of browsers when prettyDiffs are in effect (neither had been working right.)  If the optional button pane is showing for either kind of browser, offer checkbox toggles for both kinds of diffs."


4146ConvMethods-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 8 June 2001
When an author files out a changeSet, and he has added inst vars, deleted inst vars, or renamed a class, prompt him to fill in conversion method.  
	The preference #conversionMethodsAtFileOut controls this.  
	This code tries to be polite.
	Bring up to date with Bob Arning's changes to conversion methods in January.
	AUTHORS, please run with #conversionMethodsAtFileOut set to true!"


4148ConvMthFix2-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 11 June 2001
Further fix the conversion method prototype.  If a conversion method exists in the class, add a comment to the end.  The comment explains which inst vars are changing this time.  Programmer must test to see if this particular conversion is happening, and write code to fill in new inst vars.  He must move the new code up into the body of the method (before the ^ super...).
	If the class has no conversion method, create a prototype.  Programmer must test for this conversion and store values.
	New class comment."

4149ChngSetMetaCls-tk -- Ted Kaehler -- 11 June 2001
When a class is defined, nothing about its metaclass is recorded in the ChangeSet.  When the metaclass is subsequently changed, such as adding a class-instance-variable, the metaclass is marked 'changed' instead of 'added'.
	This fix tests if the non-metaclass is marked 'add', and marks the metaclass the same way.
	This is a very old bug, and was discovered recently by Bob Arning."

4150FlashScripting-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 12 June 2001
Fixes various issues with scripting flash morphs."

4151flashJPEGWorkaround -- Michael Rueger -- 12 June 2001
Adds a workaround to the flash reader until reading flash files with multiple jpegs is fixed."

4152flashHolder-mir -- Michael Rueger -- 12 June 2001
Adds the ability to FlashPlayerMorph to act as an eToy scriptable holder."

4153jpegWorkaround2-mir -- Michael Rueger -- 13 June 2001
Adds another workaround to the JPEG reader for Flash weirdnesses."

4154flashHolder2-mir -- Michael Rueger -- 13 June 2001
Fixes some problems with the first version of the flash holder:
- rendered images are no longer added to the player's costume list
- the player's scaling and rotation now works"

4155partsBin-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 14 June 2001
Provides a simple new basis for parts-bin functionality, and redefines the default flaps in the system to use it.  Icons in these new parts bins have labels and balloon help, and the new morphs launched by each are formulated dynamically, which makes for quite a savings in space consumption of the default flaps, and obviates the need to rejimmie the default flaps when a preference such as #optionalButtons is toggled.
The parts bins can be readily added to (just use dNd) and deleted from (use the dismiss box in an element's halo).	
Some recourse is added for the problem of people expecting to use a parts bin by *clicking* on items rather than by 'tearing off copies' using a drag gesture:  Items that have just come from a parts bin are now not accepted for drop into a parts bin.  And if a drop of an item torn off from a parts bin would leave the newborn partially off-screen, it is forced to be fully visible after the drop.
Another standard default flap, 'Widgets', is added, with quite a few handy items.
The Tools flap has a number of additions (e.g. Transcript, Preferences, Process browser, Recent-Submissions brower)
The actual choice of 'Standard' flaps, flap names, flap colors, flap locations, flap contents, are all just works in progress.  Mechanisms now exist to make it much easier to define different contents for these or other parts-donor flaps."

4156eventRecorderHelp-raa -- Bob Arning -- 14 June 2001
Add some balloon help to the EventRecorderMorph - especially to remind user about ESC key."

4157emptyListFix-bfRAA -- Bert Freudenberg -- 17 April 2001
Fixes a walkback when using cursor keys in an empty list."

4158twoFixes-sgeRAA -- Steve Elkins -- 16 April 2001
To see the minor problems these changes correct, evaluate <TimeProfileBrowser onBlock: [2 timesRepeat: [Transcript show: 10 factorial printString]]>, choose 'explore morph' from the debug menu of Time Profile window, and outline expand the root's model.  The resulting walkback uncovers 2 bugs.  One is that ObjectExplorerWrapper>>asString lets exceptions through.  The other is that MessageTally>>printOn: fails after MessageTally>>close has been sent to an instance.  One tweak makes ObjectExplorerWrapper>>asString behave somewhat like Inspector>>selectionPrintString and the other prevents walkbacks in MessageTally>>printOn:."

4159oldInnerWorlds-raa -- Bob Arning -- 18 June 2001
Since the old inner world (world-in-a-window) has not kept pace with recent developments, remove its item in the world/open menu to avoid temptation."

4160chgListAnnotTweak-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 18 June 2001
When a method in a ChangeList browser has no in-image counterpart, make the annotation reflect that more directly."

4161chgListFix-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 20 June 2001
Fixes a long-standing bug in morphic change-list handling, whereby a list selection that starts with a mouse down in the list-pane but not *over* any actual item would drop you into a debugger. Instead, the right thing is now done -- the selection status of the first actual item dragged over will determine whether this gesture will select or deselect items."

4162methodBalloonHelp-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 20 June 2001
Backs off from an earlier flawed design for putting up balloon help for arbitrary selectors in viewers.  The revised mechanism is very much less error-prone.
Bulletproofs Behavior>>firstPrecodeCommentFor: against the case where the class does not in fact implement the method -- a situation that sometimes does arise in the current design."

4163viewMorphDirectly-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 20 June 2001
Adds a command in the menu of the viewer that is looking at a morph/player to view the morph itself directly, i.e. without the mediation of the player."

4164deleteableProjects-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 6 June 2001
Make it possible to expunge a project from a projectViewMorph,
and updates the removal effected by closing a project view window.
Also fixes a bug in changeSorters opened before the addition of categories.
Also fixes a bug in MVC related to the recent addition of MethodReferences.

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