[updates] 80 new ones for 3.1alpha [FETCH OK NOW]

Karl Ramberg karl.ramberg at chello.se
Mon Jun 25 12:51:07 UTC 2001

Dan Ingalls wrote:
> >Mmmmm. Trying to update from 4081 I get the first 4 or 5 changesets
> >without problem, then just the hourglass for approx 5 minutes (at which
> >point I recon something's broke and crash myself out of Squeak).
> >
> >I can't get a squeak from the European server.
> Hi, John -
> Given that we now have a fair number of successes elsewhere, you probably are having some sort of network problems.  If you are interested in a work-around, it is possible to load updates in two stages:  first download them to your disk by executing...
>         Utilities readServerUpdatesThrough: nil
>                 saveLocally: true
>                 updateImage: false
> and then load them in by executing...
>         Utilities applyUpdatesFromDisk
> For this to work, all the updates must be in a subdirectory named 'updates' in your working directory (the first command should do that).
> This should at least allow you to separate your file transfer problems from the process of updating your image.
> Another tactic is to execute, eg,
>         Utilities readServerUpdatesThrough: 4090
>                 saveLocally: false
>                 updateImage: true.
> If that completes successfully, then save your image, and execute this again through 4100, and so on until you have succeeded through the 81 updates.
> I think these suggestions must be on some SWIKI help page.
> If not they should be.

you get at least some of this info.
It should be linked to the FAQ and updated though...


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