CAS and Squeak

Henrik Gedenryd Henrik.Gedenryd at
Wed Jun 6 16:33:17 UTC 2001

I enjoyed your explanation, I could sort of guess to some % of certainty
what you meant with MGP, by trying to blend the idea of metaclasses with
that of genotype/phenotype, but I couldn't be sure I had blended it
correctly. Now I think my interpretation was valid that in MGP phenotype
corresponds to instance and genotype to class.

> For implementing adaptive systems
> with a complexity like that above(including GAs), MGP is very useful.

And in that context I believe it becomes more concrete and therefore easier
to understand as well. I can also picture how MGP becomes useful in that
context, while almost seeming absurd in its hyper-abstractness if presented
without a useful application.

I would then assume that Whole Value in this context is about reifying the
apparently abstract concept of phenotype, for example.

Consider yourself encouraged to keep this coming!


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