Squeak ate my day's work! (or: how do I get my code out of an image?)

Dan Ingalls Dan at SqueakLand.org
Tue Jun 12 00:13:44 UTC 2001

>Good afternoon everyone,
>I was happily Squeaking along at work today, when the machine which shared
>my image, changes, and VM file crashed.  VM and image remained up and
>running, but I could no longer browse code.  (Message Not Understood:
>isSeperator) I've had this happen before, and simply waiting for the
>machine to come back up and doing a save as... and restarting right where
>I left off from the newly saved image.
>Today, that didn't work.

Aaron -

I suggest that you fire up a healthy squeak, and execute...

	ChangeList browseFile: 'SickSqueak.changes'.

This should let you view either the entire changes file (probably very long), or the most recent million characters, as a list of changes.  You can then select what you care about, and file these out to a changes file that can be read into a healthy squeak.  There may be a way to nurse your image back to health as is, but I can't glean enough info from your report to know.

Hope this helps.

	- Dan

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