Newbie issues

Edmund Ronald eronald at
Mon Jun 11 00:51:46 UTC 2001

Hi - 

 I discovered Squeak while looking for a rapid prototyping environment for
some evolutionary computation work, and would like to thank all of you for 
making this tool available.
 Now, I wonder whether there is an accepted way of enjoying the benefits
of being on this list without the mailbox overflow effect ? Usually I get
about 2/3 messages a day, and now my mailbox is squeak-full :) Should I
make a spare account, is there a digest, what is the usual way to deal
with this sort of overload from stuff one _is_ intersted in ?

 Also, I wondered whether the missing implementation information from
the current purple book is online somewhere ? I would like a glance at 
it, particularly since the omitted VM underlies squeak ...

 Finally, I have been going through the BankAccount tutorial, and it ran
fine under OS X, except that my Mac squeak hung once on save (good show, 
one hour to first hang on a new piece of software, no irony intended)
and also something is wrong with the morphic example at the end of the
tutorial, the lines below don't make the current squeak happy, something
to do with the "centering:"

JJJJJJJ | bars m |
JJJJJJJ bars _ history collect: [:v | Morph new extent: 5 at v].
JJJJJJJ m _ AlignmentMorph newRow centering: #bottomRight.
JJJJJJJ m addAllMorphs: bars.

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