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Paul Fernhout pdfernhout at
Mon Jun 4 03:25:52 UTC 2001

"Andrew C. Greenberg" wrote:
> Paul F., in particular, seemed to feel that the ownership needed to be
> entirely clear of an Apple font heritage.  Has he changed his views in
> this regard?

No I haven't. :-) But for me there are other more pressing issues and
certainly I don't want to stand in anyone's way. On the fonts subject,
I'm not inclined to tempt fate by using similar looking fonts or ones
with more complex licenses or ones from Microsoft(!), but I'm not the
lawyer (I acknowledge your statement on bitmaps), or the person doing
the work (thanks everyone!). Making nice fonts is an art and is time
consuming, and I can see why people want to go with what already works
or looks nicest. I did like the much earlier suggestion (a year ago?) of
having the default fonts be from X-11 which someone said were
effectively completely unencumbered. However, I'm happy with a
brainlessly easy way to add and remove font modules (and ensure they
were completely removed) so I could just do what I felt like with fonts
and font subsystems of my choice. It seems like the current processes
have gotten us pretty much there. It would be great to be able to remove
that fonts section from the Squeak license someday if the fonts were
gone, if such were legally possible at some point, because that clause
is one more tiny confusing barrier to adoption. But that's a completely
different can of worms.

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