documentation requests?

Dan Ingalls Dan at
Wed Jun 20 03:02:00 UTC 2001

Hi, Lex -

>Some students in the Georgia Tech OO class are thinking of investigating
>and documenting parts of Squeak in order to get extra credit.  Here's
>your chance: what would you most like someone to dig into and then write
>up?  Alternatively, if you've written some fantastic Squeak system, how
>would you like to have someone else do the documentation?
>I suggested they might look into the new morphic layout mechanism, which
>to my knowledge hasn't been documented anywhere.

Actually, Andreas put a pretty good summary in a project on Bob's super swiki, back around Feb, methinks.  Can't get to it right now to give you the link.  But it would certainly be nice to get this into the image.  Also a guide to morphic event handling.

>What else might be
>Reply here, or post it yourself to:
>The only constraint is that it must be something a student would have a
>chance of doing....

This might be too broad a request, but I think it's time for a concerted pass over the class comments to get at least a few useful sentences about what each class does and how it works with others.

Then a simple addition with a lot of leverage would be to add a 'find...' command to the browser that would search class comments for matching text, just as the current one searches for matching names.

This would have allowed Benoit St-Jean to find PopUpChoiceMorph when he was looking for menu bar tools this morning.

	- Dan

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