Stable Squeak Isn't?

Andrew C. Greenberg werdna at
Sat Jun 2 04:34:10 UTC 2001

I have had no success whatsoever using the test pilot under MacOSX.  
After adjusting the file properties on the "try me" image so it boots 
correctly, the interpreter comes up and Morphic appears to be running 
fine, but nothing of the StSq projects appears to be running.  
Attempting to load anything from the Project Browser gets a walkback.  
Filing in the VWDialog stuff fixes that walkback, but then I appear to 
need to file in other things.

The basic image suffers similar problems.  I bootstrap fine, but then 
when I try to actually load some of the projects, again I run into a 

Am I missing something?  Is it possible the image shipped in the 
Macintosh wasn't at the same release level as the PC VM?

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