Question about ClassDescription>>#category

Brent Pinkney Brent.Pinkney at
Mon Jun 4 19:08:30 UTC 2001


Whilst wandering through the code I discovered that the #category method does
not use the instance variable in Class.

ClassDesciption>># category
     "Answer the system organization category for the receiver."

     ^SystemOrganization categoryOfElement: self name

However Class has an instance variable 'category', which is *mostly* nil.

However the following script shows a handful of classes that do have a non-nil

                  Smalltalk allClasses select: [ :c | (c instVarNamed:
'category') notNil. ]

When I tried to recompile everything without this instance variable I was
notified that changes to Class required other changes to DataStream (I think)

1. Does anyone know why this is so ?
2. Does anyone else care that we are not tidying up behind ourselves ?
3. Do we have a mechanism for distibuting large changes to the image ?
4. Do we have an incentive to tidying up code, especially removing redundant
Classes ?

More practically, is there a script for duplicating an image without this
instance varisable. Or with a new one ?



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