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Fri Jun 22 08:18:23 UTC 2001

"Noel J. Bergman" wrote:

> What details are known about this additional UI?  MVC works just fine on
> PDAs, and is small, fast, rich, and flexible; what does this minimal UI
> offer to warrant YAUI?

Well, I guess I made a few demos to a few people, but I doubt if anyone can remember. Apart from that nobody knows much about it. You'll have to wait at least about a month and a bit to see the full details but I can tell you this:

It is not actually intended to compete with neither MVC nor Morphic. I guess it should be called a toolkit rather than "UI" but what the heck, it is a UI.  It is aimed at minimal machines and works on top of an almost fully stripped image (no MVC, no Morphic, only sound and basic Blt support, images under 1M). The goal is to quickly program slick looking PDAs and Kiosk applications with minimal programming (very narrow focus). Supports sound and still and animated graphics. It is programmed as a state machine or a hierarchy of state machines so most of the generation can be automated (You don't have to, but makes things easier). It works well with stylus and all requests are point and click, it has its own
keyboard layout which is so flexible it can emulate a keyboard, a pop-up menu or a yes-no answer in exactly the same way. It is about 10 classes and 190 methods, semi-commercially tested and working. It was borne out of a need and helped me to develop a 30+ page full color mostly functioning prototype  on a Cassiopeia with 16M memory and 10M+ graphics and sound files, all in 3-4 weeks, including the toolkit itself. This was around January 2000 when I was in a more functioning state, it needs a little dusting.


Tansel Ersavas
Editor, SqueakNews

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