Help with Wonderland textures

Projet DeepLow deeplowsoftware at
Fri Jun 22 16:36:08 UTC 2001

I already posted the following mail to ask for help with textures in  
wonderland. Apparently nobody saw this message I don't know if I got  
it back myself. Well if someone has some information about it please  
e-mail as soon as possible : we are to hand the project in Tuesday and
haven't found a way to do it yet.                                     
Here is the mail :                                                    
Hi there,                                                             
as some of you may know we are currently working on a 3D windows      
explorer in SmallTalk, which works as a virtual library. A directory  
is represented by a room and a file is represented by a book. And     
that's were we have a problem : we succeeded in creating a book and   
putting it where we want it to be, BUT we can't apply a texture that  
has more than one color. The texture is supposed to work with a bitmap
and a morph (cf. asTexture method). Unfortunately when the bitmap     
contains more than one color the actor doesn't change or becomes all  
black. And we definitely need to be able to put some information on   
the book (e.g. the name of the file). Then our question is : does     
anyone know a way to make the textures work ? (is there a package we  
must download ?) We then thought we would add a morph to the          
WonderlandWrapper but it doesn't work (the morph is succesfully added 
ut is never shown on the screen). Is there any alternative way to add 
a VISIBLE StringMorph to an actor ?                                   
Thanks in advance for your answers.                                   
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