BBEdit.Lite fileOut documents error

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Thu Jun 14 00:45:17 UTC 2001

>When I select fileOut, Squeak automatically makes the text file a BBEdit
>file.  This would be fine, except that BBEdit cannot open the file, but
>instead gives me the following error.
>an unexpected end-of-file was encountered (Mac OS error -39)
>If you know what I am doing wrong, please help.  Thanks for your time.
>(The ultimate newbie)

If you do a get info, what does the mac finder report about the file size.

Usually a -39 (end of file) is indication of some type of disk i/o 
error, since bbedit is trying to read all the bytes of the file and 
finds the OS read routine doesn't return all the requested bytes 
because of some issue with reading the file, or getting read 
permission (if for example you are using OS-X), or a problem with the 
disk directory structure (check with disk first aid).

try duplicating the file in the finder and see what happens

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