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John Hinsley jhinsley at
Fri Jun 29 03:04:18 UTC 2001

Michael Guenter wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been working through the tutorial but when I try to "accept" the
> following code,
> historyMorph
>     |bars m|
>     bars_history collect: [:v| Morph new extent: 5 at v].
>     m_AlignmentMorph newRow centering: #bottomRight.
>     m addAllMorphs: bars.
>     ^m
> Squeak tells me that "centering:" is an unknown selector.  Of course, when I
> told it to confirm and then tried to do a "printIt" in the workspace of the
> following, I get an error.  I believe I know enough about Squeak that I
> shouldn't have had to ask it to confirm "centering:", and just because I did
> confirm it, doesn't mean that their is an object to communicate with, am I
> right?
> Is the tutorial wrong, or is my version of Squeak (3.0) inappropriate, or
> have I made some error in copying it?
> Thanks for your time.

Basically, the tutorial was written for an earlier version of Squeak, so
the old alignment stuff doesn't work properly now. It certainly used to,
so, strictly speaking, the tutorial isn't wrong.

Someone did post a fix for it, but I can't find it and it looks like it
may not have made it back to the tutorial.

I'll try and find it tomorrow or you might like to trawl through the
archived list at Yahoo. 



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