Dan Ingalls Dan at
Tue Jun 19 15:33:10 UTC 2001

Benoit -

There are several suggestions from the list now.  If you want something really simple, you will find that PopUpChoiceMorph does almost everything needed.  If you just put a bunch of these side by side in a rectangle, you'll have a menu bar.  See EnvelopeEditorMorph>>addControls for an example of its use.

If you want something a bit more iconic, you could also look at SystemWindow>>addMenuControl which creates the menu button in the title bar of morphic windows.

	- Dan

> > Benoit St-Jean <bstjean at> wrote:
>> Anyone knows where I could find a "menu bar" class
>> (either MVC or morphic) ?
>  I remember Jim Benson implemented a "MenuBarMorph", a long time ago, and sent
>to the list.
>  Egroups and Georg Gollman's mail archive have problems with the attached file.
>  I don't have the change set here at work (MenuBar.2.cs), but I'll take a look
>at home for it.
>  Jim, do you still have it with you?
>  Ricardo


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