[BUG] mandala doesn't work w/update 4173? (fixed!)

Fleeberz at aol.com Fleeberz at aol.com
Wed Jun 27 04:59:47 UTC 2001

On 2001-06-26 at 7:08:59 PM, martin at hand2mouse.com noted:

>Fleeberz at aol.com wrote:
>>Could be (probably is) me, but I can't make this work:
>>Display restoreAfter: [Pen new mandala: 30]

>It works okay for me. Image updated to 4173, Win98. I'll try it on a Mac
>when I get home, but what you're seeing sounds like a Squeak compilation
>error and therefore less likely to be platform-specific.

** No problem any more **

I loaded the update files, one by one, testing each time, and now everything 
works as expected. Odd luck. I'll try to be more thorough next time before 
screaming "Bug!" but I'd been quite careful to keep updating to a "pristine" 
image so I'd have something to fall back on one day, honest!

Thanks for the help anyway (what little there was of it, since it's doubtful 
anybody else could duplicate the problem if they tried... ;-)


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