StrongARM JIT?

Tim Rowledge tim at
Fri Jun 22 00:50:49 UTC 2001

"Noel J. Bergman" <noel at> is widely believed to have written:

> >> Anyone care to do a StrongARM JIT?
> >Yes indeed - just as soon as the license is less offensive.
> License?  To author a JIT?  What kind of license?  Please explain.  :-)
See the file 'COPYING' in the distribution of the jitter source code. It
expressly forbids me from making my usual living if I look at the code:-
>    1. The software may not be used for commercial advantage.  Neither you nor
>    your employer nor any other organisation with which you are associated
>    are permitted to charge for the software or for other programs that might
>    be developed based on any part of the software itself or knowledge of the
>    algorithms contained therein.  Do not even look at the software if this
>    restriction might conflict with your professional activities or those of
>    your employer.
I rather think that that would be unlawful and surely not in the normal
vein of open source licenses, and almost certainly not concomitant with
the squeak license.


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