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Göran Hultgren gohu at
Wed Jun 6 06:32:11 UTC 2001

Hi Robert and guys!

I am totally uneducated on GAs but did dabble with them for fun in VW 5 years ago. My silly
question with some background first:

I remember I built a small framework with different DNA mixing algorithms, different rules for
mating and survival etc. etc. and toyed on the "travelling salesman" with it. When I was kneedeep
in parameters - like 30 or so - trying them out and seeing what made it go faster/better etc. I
realized that THAT in itself was an optimizationproblem that ought to be applicable to GAs... But
pretty soon my old PC choked on the idea of having to run say 50 generations on 100 individuals
for each fitness function evaluation... But I still liked the idea though!

Q: Has that been done? Have any of you working with GAs more professionally done it?

regards, Göran

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