3.1alpha update for Whisker (Re: [BUG] newest updates to 3.1alpha seem to break all browsers if whisker 0.92 installed)

Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Mon Jun 4 23:43:11 UTC 2001

FYI, if anyone's interested, I finally posted a new 3.1alpha update for Whisker on the Whisker home page.  See http://www.mindspring.com/~dway/smalltalk/Whisker-31alpha-4048update.1.cs .

(First load Whisker.0.92-Sq3.0.cs into a current 3.1alpha image, close the debugger window that comes up, then load the above changeset.)

- Doug Way
  dway at riskmetrics.com

Doug Way wrote:
> I'll try to take a look at this later today.
> Since Whisker isn't part of the base image, it's probably more accurate to call this a conflict with Whisker, not a [BUG] in 3.1alpha.  It's odd that all browsers would break, though... could point to a non-Whisker problem. (or maybe not :-) )
> (It's not too surprising that a conflict occured, since Preferences was just given an overhaul in 3.1alpha, and I was customizing Preferences a bit.  Hopefully the new Prefs code will need less customizing... but if it still does, I should probably just submit the needed changes to the list.)
> - Doug Way
>   dway at riskmetrics.com
> txporter at mindspring.com wrote:
> >
> > Grrr, sorry for the mangled subject in the prior message.  Hope this makes it to the bug list.
> >
> > Hello folks,
> >
> > I upgraded to the newest alpha updates on both Linux and WIn98, starting from
> > both a stock 3.0final and a 3.1alpha3910b set of changes and images.
> >
> > All combinations seem to break all browsers if I have Whisker 0.92 installed
> > before the updates. If I install Whisker afterwards, I get the same debug
> > error during the update:
> >
> > The Debug reports:
> > False(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand:
> > Preferences class>>addNonExistingPreferences:catagory:default:ballonHelp:
> > WhiskerBrowser class>>initializePreferences
> > WhiskerBrowser class>>initialize
> > UndefinedObject>>DoIt
> >
> > BTW, is there a way to capture the top pane of the debug window/error handler
> > window to a file, since my mail debug report seems not to work as I am behind
> > a firewall?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Tom P.

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