MPEG on Windows NT?

Lex Spoon lex at
Thu Jun 21 04:33:25 UTC 2001

Thanks John, Robert, other John, and Noel -- you have really helped
narrow the problem!  In fact, it seems to work for everyone but us! 
Either the problem is specific to Windows NT, or there is something
goofy in our setup -- either of NT, or of Squeak.

It would still be wonderful to hear from anyone who has specifically a
pre-Win2000 Windows NT box who can try this experiment.  In the
meantime, though, I guess we're going to start recompiling various
versions of the plugin and seeing what we can come up with....

John Maloney writes:
> The bugs are in the original C library--which we got for free, so I'm not
> complaining. I don't think that John Macintosh introduced any of these
> bugs; they seem completely unrelated to the color conversion code that
> he worked on.

Too bad about the C bugs.  I've actually seen an occasional one of these
myself, in particular if your MPEG file is questionable.  It sure would
be nice to have a *Squeak* MPEG reader, so that the errors can be
tracked down more easily, but like John says, we're much better off than
with no MPEG reader at all!


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