Newbie Questions

Steve Wart thecows at
Wed Jun 27 17:48:40 UTC 2001

I find myself with a welcome surfeit of spare time.

Therefore I have the following questions:

1. I have some stuff (a bibliography) in a HyperCard format, but I am
now using Windows. Has someone created something in Squeak that I can
use to port this stack, or at least retrieve the data? [nb: I did a
google search but was not able to find anything definitive, although
clearly the relationship between HyperCard and Squeak has been discussed
in the past].

2. Is there a CalendarMorph or anything approaching a widget that I
could use for selecting dates (e.g. as a filter in a mail application).

3. Is there a way to programmatically minimize the main window in

I have other questions but now that I have all this time, I think I have
the means to answer them for myself.


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