Soft3D (a Squeak 3D Engine)

Ali Chamas ali at
Thu Jun 14 04:42:53 UTC 2001


    Well, i've finished my second assignment for uni <urge to sleep,
rising...>. We had to write our own perspective Phong Shader, without using
any existing graphics library. Again, i have chosen Squeak over any other
language. I'll probably use C++ next semester for Ray Tracing though (want
to work in the games business, need to be a C++ monkey).

The URL is:

...check out the "fractal mountains" part. The "computer graphics" part is
also done in Squeak. When you browse the thumbnails, you'll see a "code"
button. This is for browsing the classes online, but you can download the
fileouts (3.0) with the little Squeak icon which appears with the
thumbnails. Please feel free to use / modify / learn the code for whatever.
The code is pretty clean, and covers the basics for 3D perspective
projection, and shading.

    I have to say that i owe my rapid development time to Squeak. The colour
support in Squeak is so natural that it made the shading side of the engine
so easy (aColor mixed: aFloat with: aColor). I used Morphic to build a
simple little 3D workspace with sliders and a menu (try: Soft3DWorkspace new
open). It's by no means meant for any "serious" 3D work. I have simply made
it to assist my rendering work. The window menu has all the goods...

    This is by no means another Alice (far from it), nor is it anything next
to the BalloonEngine (Andreas, you are one cool cat). It's just a simple 3D
Smalltalk engine.

    USe SquEak,


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