Debugger desirable feature

Ross Boylan RossBoylan at
Sat Jun 30 05:53:07 UTC 2001

When in the debugger, pressing send will not get you out of a method.
I think it would be good if it did.  Is there any reason for the
current implementation?

While I'm at it, the debugger highlighting is also misleading around
conditionals.  if foo is false, code like this
  foo ifTrue: [ do something].
  next command.
has "do something" highlighted after evaluating the conditional, even
though it will not execute that statement.  At least, that's my
recollection.  When I try to evaluate the following method: 
	self halt.
	n _ Project allInstances size > 30 ifTrue: [n_5].
	n _ n+10.

I get a code simulation error at evaluating the +10.  Other variants
seem to work OK.

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