TexFileOut problems

John Hinsley jhinsley at telinco.co.uk
Sun Jun 10 04:41:08 UTC 2001

John Hinsley wrote:
> Karl Ramberg wrote:
> >
> > Also look at
> > http://squeak.heeg.de:8080/FAQW9PFC7722LKP8L1CUKS5C7ZDH6MZ
> > for WysiTeX, a WYSIWYG TeX editor for VisualWorks smalltalk.
> Thanks Karl.
> I'll take a peek. If it's portable it could be a big step towards a
> Squeak version of LyX.

On the other hand, attempts to load the parcel have so far led to the
realisation that this parcel has a lot of dependencies which I've not
loaded -- and which don't feature in the documentation -- (strangely, it
seems to want the MSWindows interface although it seems to be configured
to use the TeX stuff included on Linux systems!), VW has partially
crashed Kde once already, and I'm getting some *really* screwy

Give me about a week....... ;-)



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