On interfaces - Morphic Wrappers

Sarkela sarkela at home.com
Thu Jun 7 03:27:41 UTC 2001


For me, typing on air gave me the same kick in the gut
that I got the first time I saw someone use Smalltalk.
The physics of the desktop and representations of
identity also were wildly visceral things.

Morphic Wrappers are truly great.


> I feel the same.....
> Argentina seems like a good place for Squeak.... :-)
> Diego Gomez Deck
>> --- In squeak at y..., Jerry Bell <jdbell at f...> wrote:
>>> I've always liked playing around with Morphic
>> Wrappers.  I'm surprised that
>>> it hasn't migrated into the main release yet- is
>> there any reason it hasn't
>>> been folded in?   Typing on air is fun!
>> I strongly second this.
>> Although I believe MorphicWrappers still need some
>> work, IMHO they are an indispensable part of the
>> Morphic world, mostly typing in the air.
>> Just as Smalltalk, you've got to use them for a while
>> to really graps their usefulness.
>> Regards,
>> Dan Rozenfarb

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