documentation requests?

Rosemary Michelle Simpson rms at
Wed Jun 20 17:23:03 UTC 2001

Please forgive a dumb newbie question, but what is the 'shift' menu?  I
tried the yellow-button menu but can't find a menu item title 'class
comments with it'.


On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Ted Kaehler wrote:

> Students and all,
> 	The thing that I thirst for is the "basic idea" behind each 
> class.  What is the purpose of this class?  That's the thing you 
> can't get from reading the implementation.  What are the unwritten 
> assumptions?
> At 8:02 PM -0700 6/19/01, Dan Ingalls wrote:
> >Then a simple addition with a lot of leverage would be to add a 
> >'find...' command to the browser that would search class comments 
> >for matching text, just as the current one searches for matching 
> >names.
> 	This is already in the system!  Just type what you want to 
> search for in any text pane, get the shift menu, and choose "class 
> comments with it".  Up pops a MessageSet with all of the class 
> comments containing that text.  You can 'Browse Full' from there.
> --Ted.
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