BankAccount Tutorial

John Hinsley jhinsley at
Sat Jun 30 14:11:53 UTC 2001

Rosemary Michelle Simpson wrote:

> One point to consider is that people buying Mark Guzdial's book as the
> first entrance into Squeak will be using 2.8 since that is the version
> included on the CD.  It might be good to leave the BankAccount tutorial as
> it is with a notation that it is 2.8 specific and have a pointer to the
> newer version.

This seems a good compromise, but I wonder if people go to Mark's book
because of Squeak or to Squeak because of Mark's book?

Also, now that Mark's book has finally made it to these far off shores
(on order for nearly 3 months!) how much of it is 2.8 specific? [Brow
furrows while trying to work out how to have two different versions of
Squeak living in happy harmony on the same system. Decides to go back to
bed instead.]



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