[ENH] Simple EToyTextNode Menu

Laurence Rozier laurencerozier at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 28 18:22:45 UTC 2001


This changeSet provides a minimalist(style, size and
color) set of cmd-6 menu options for EToyTextNode
objects. It is a work in progress which refactors the
changeEmphasis: method in an attempt to add clarity
and flexibility. It evolve into a more generic
approach for ParagraphEditor and TextMorphEditor but
it serves what has become for me a pressing immediate
need. I'm refining an outliner-based tool which needs
to allow for easy text editing.  Is anyone already
working on refactoring changeEmphasis:? 


PS This code works in 3.1 at updates 3848 and 4173. It
*should* work in 3.0 after 3642 where MenuMorph adds a
new method it uses.

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