New Squeak Swiki page color feature

Jochen F. Rick nadja at
Fri Jun 29 18:13:39 UTC 2001


I've been trying to follow the list, but a paper deadline is making me 
largely unavailable. Also, I will be going on vacation on July 11th, so I 
will largely be unavailable for a month after that.

Now here's the good things:
minnow is now a linux machine. Expect stability and speed. Yeah!!!

I changed the look on the site. This time, I changed it so that it looks 
more compatible with the site. In the last year or so, the 
Squeak web presence has started to look more professional. This new look 
is to go along with that trend.

Also, there is a new feature. You can change the color of the page (or 
rather the color of the button banner). Go to a page, press the edit 
button, and scroll to the bottom of the page to check it out.

Peace and Luck!


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