[ANN] AspectS -- AOP with Squeak

Robert Hirschfeld hirschfeld at acm.org
Fri Jun 22 02:44:52 UTC 2001

AspectS is an aspect-oriented extension to Squeak.

It is a prototype to support the exploration of AOP in dynamic 
environments like Squeak.  It mainly draws on the results of two 
projects: the first is AspectJ from Xerox PARC, a general-purpose 
aspect-oriented language extension to Java, and the second is John 
Brant's MethodWrappers, a powerful mechanism to add behavior to a 
compiled Smalltalk method.   In its current version, AspectS is
implemented in regular Squeak, without extending neither Squeak's 
syntax nor its virtual machine.

I have uploaded the current change set to:

Also, there is 3.1alpha image pre-loaded with AspectS 0.1.0 here:

I would like to invite anybody who is interested in working with 
me on AspectS, or another, better approach to explore AOP in Squeak.


"PS:" Documentation is on the way. I will put an updated paper
      on my website anytime soon ...

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