Stable squeak isn't (on mac, maybe)

jack jeaton at
Sat Jun 2 07:37:51 UTC 2001


i have had consistant problems getting squeak to run from after

i have a suspicion that it might have to do with stuffit expander, can't
be sure about that.

however, if you have a high speed connection and/or some patience, this
workaround might get your squeak working right.

i had os x running, i had fixed my squeak and was running it from a
carbon vm. since then my os x crashed my powerbook firewire *hard*. now,
when i open os x it doesn't show any of its own app icons or folders
properly, they are all blank (if anyone knows how to fix this get back
to me at jeaton @ or on this list)...  it happens despite any
number of reformats and reinstalls.

anyway, i reformatted and am back to os 9.0.4 but this might work for

go to the platform independent section of your favorite squeak ftp site,
and get the package that has the changes and image, and get the one that
has the sources... go to or some similar site and
get macgzip and zipit. uncompact the files you download with those
programs, and then change the file types and creators with res edit or
its mac os x equivalent.

creator for all of these must be: FAST
file type for the image is: STim
file type for the sources and changes is: STch

another thing is to give the vm more memory than it asks for... mine was
set too low initially.

at worst you might waste a half an hour or so, at best you'll get a
stable squeak. it worked for me.


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