[BUG] SyntaxMorph testClass:andMethod:

Steve Wart thecows at home.com
Fri Jun 29 17:19:08 UTC 2001

Hi Bob,

Sorry if I was a bit unclear with this message, I was a bit tired when I
wrote it.

1. The confusing bit is how to resize the scriptor. I read the class
comments on SyntaxMorph and couldn't get past the first step. After
spending about and hour and consulting with someone who was using it
with 3.0 we were able to track down the change and get the command to
work with the earlier version of the method. Since this method is only
used from StringHolder>>openSyntaxView, a hypothesis was put forth that
this change made it easier to drop SyntaxMorphs into books for
interactive demos. 

2. Very cool. Thanks

3. The 'nasty' method is testClass:andMethod: -- in the sense that the
original window-based method was pretty short and easy to understand.
The new version of the method has what appear to be UI parameters
hard-coded into it, and it's not clear why the authors made these


Bob Arning <arning at charm.net> wrote:
> Steve,
> First, it is possible (although certainly not ideal) to resize the scriptor you get in this fashion. If you move the scriptor a bit away from the top left corner, then cmd-click just to the left of the blue square that is visible inside the scriptor, you will get the halo. Click until the label on the halo is "TwoWayScrollPane", then drag the yellow handle and the scriptor will resize.
> Second, there is a newer way to do this that you may find more useful - from the menu icon at the top of the browser, turn ON the "tiles" option. Then you will see the tiles right in the browser.
> Third, I'm not clear on which method it is that you think is confusing and nasty.
> Cheers,
> Bob
> On Thu, 28 Jun 2001 21:47:28 -0800  Steve Wart <thecows at home.com> wrote:
> >If you click on a method in a browser and select 'tile scriptor' the
> >SyntaxMorph comes up in a little window in the upper left hand corner of
> >the screen. Can't resize, pretty confusing.
> >
> >If you revert to the 3.0 version of this method, everything is fine. In
> >fact the 3.0 version of the method is much simpler. It is sending
> >#openInWindow to the SyntaxMorph whereas the 3.1 version creates an
> >AlignmentMorph and sends it #openInWorld.
> >
> >The 3.1 version of the method is quite confusing and nasty (IMHO), in
> >addition to the fact that it doesn't seem to work correctly. I would
> >suggest that the first version is 'right', or at least that some
> >refactoring is in order.

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