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Thu Jun 21 13:56:45 UTC 2001

=> 6/21/01 3:44:21 AM EDT, fuxoft at =>
<< I tried "Smalltalk majorShrink" just for the hell of it and received  "You 
can only run majorShrink in the top project" error. >>

Hi Frantisek,

You probably tried to evaluate the #majorShrink that is in the distributed 
image. The majorShrink that you need is in the fileIn at:


which is where Dan put it when 3.0 was released.

File this in and you're ready to go. You do need to be in an MVC project to 
evaluate this appropriately. To get to one, select from the background menu, 
'open...>MVC project' and then click on the mini-window that appears. Then 
evaluate "Smalltalk majorShrink; abandonSources; lastRemoval."

This does not appear to execute correctly in the latest 3.1 for unstable test 
pilots. I'll have to fix that.


Jerry L. Archibald

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