Odd interaction between Gvim and Squeak

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Mon Jun 4 06:34:15 UTC 2001

On Sunday 03 June 2001 19:45, John Hinsley wrote:
> Here's a peice of wierd behaviour I noted. AFAIK it applies only to
> Squeak on *nix.

> Now, I only get this in Gvim (Netscape doesn't loose anything, for
> example) and I only get it in Gvim when I'm copying and pasting from
> Squeak.

You're lucky to have copying/pasting working at *ALL*. I can't get it to work 
(there's something broken between Squeak and kwin).

Seriously, there's problems with the clipboard code in Squeak, but I haven't 
been able to figure out what it is. Squeak is the only program I use that I 
can't copy text from.

Gvim is the only program that even tries, but it keeps giving me error 
messages (per character, I think). Other programs show nothing at all getting 

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