Text of "... Leaving Disney ..."

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All I can offer is mental support: "Let the fun of Squeak beat that ugly

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>It's embarassing, guys, to have to get the details of Squeak news in the
>York Ttimes. On the other hand, things are picking up to the point where
>details would actually be in the New York Times. :-)

Folks -

Thanks, John, for the alert, and Jerry for forwarding the complete text.

I'm sure you all can appreciate that there is a certain political component
to changes such as this.  It seemed appropriate to be quiet about the
details of our transition, until Alan had a chance to make a public
statement about it, such as the interview with John Markoff.

The exact details of our next phase have not been nailed down, but you can
be sure that
	we are staying together
	we are more than ever in control of our own destiny
	we value the entire Squeak community
	we will continue to share our work actively and openly.

A number of exciting possibilities are on the horizon, but right now, we're
just trying to get some work done after all the excitement of casting off.
We'll do our best to keep you informed, but we hope you'll see the upside if
it appears in the Times.

	- Dan, for SqC

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