BankAccount Tutorial

Joern Eyrich Joern.Eyrich at
Fri Jun 29 16:37:12 UTC 2001

Doug Way wrote:
> Cool.  Still, the problem remains that most people will go look at the out-of-date one on  Maybe that one could point to the Swiki instead.  (on the other hand, sometimes it's nice to have a more stable tutorial maintained on a non-Swiki page... but then again, if it's not maintained... :) )

Exactly! I volunteer to correct things like these that are brought up on the list, if someone gives me an account.

> Speaking of the Swiki, is the new look related to it moving to a Linux box, or is it still running on a Mac?  Also, I tried to edit the tutorial page that Joern copied, and it wouldn't let me edit the text, but there was no indication that it was read-only.  Are certain colored pages read-only?

when I try to telnet to minnow, it says it's an i686 running Read Hat 7.1.

I also had the problem that Netscape (4.7 Win32) wouldn't let me edit it. It seems it is limited to 30000 characters in the text edit box, and the tutorial is slightly larger. IE (5.5) doesn't have that problem (and lets you search for text in the edit box...)

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