File closing annoyances

Tim Rowledge tim at
Wed Jan 1 22:57:11 UTC 2003

...and while I'm whining about this part of the image, what is it with
this abuse of FileStreams in ChangeRecord? The code absolutely assumes
that each change record will have an instance of a _closed_ filestream
that it can open and close when fetching the text of the associated
method. In order to get such a filestream you rely implicitly upon
having (ab)used readOnlyCopy. Yuck.

Using a file name to open and close would be a little less awful but
since we know (I'm pretty sure) that change records are in the change
file (or possibly one of several change files I suppose) why do we not
just use it as is? It's already opened after all.

Sigh. I know there's precious little chance of getting this changed;
look at the resistance to Flow. Grumble.

Tim Rowledge, tim at,
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