Programming in a Cloud of Images ( Was: RE: Subjective Squeak )

Brent Vukmer bvukmer at
Thu Jan 2 19:35:32 UTC 2003

Oops.  I presssed 'Send' too soon! What I *meant* to type was:

** Loading Projects ** 

I'm excited about this because I think that idea of Projects in Squeak
is very cool but the experience of unsuccessful-Project-loads is not so
cool. As I imagine it, Project windows would be built in the Project
Explorer image as follows: 

(1) Get the URL for the Project image spec
(2) Get the URL for the living objects that will be copied into the new
Project image
(3) Get the URL for the to-be-created Project image
(4) Retrieve the Project image spec from URL in(1)
(5) Build the Project image to spec, accessible from URL in(3) 
(6) Import the living objects from URL in (2) into the Project image
(7) Create a ProjectWorldMorph in the Project Explorer image

Steps (1) through (6) would be cool because the work of building a
Project is separated out into nice clear simple steps. Dependencies and
in general Project metadata become much more accessible.  Also we could
easily build Project-subscription tools with this mechanism. 

I'm still thinking about step (7).  Would the cloud of Project images
always be headless?  I.e., would MVC/Morphic/SomeFutureUI always only be
loaded into a Project Explorer image?

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