[FIX] ClassCommentVersionsBrowser fix

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Fri Jan 3 06:52:23 UTC 2003

Actually, the real bug here is that class-comment-authoring-stamps have not ever been preserved in the changes log when a condenseChanges is done.  So that's what really needs to be fixed ;-)

I attach for consideration a change-set that purports to fix it.

Alejandro, I *think* that this should actually also serve to resurrect the "lost" class-comment-authoring-stamps in your image in which you'd already done a condense-changes, provided you simply perform another condenseChanges on it after filing the fix in.

Since building 3.4-gamma and 3.4-final will involve condensing changes, and since we want to preserve the existing comment stamps, I would like to have this code in 3.4.

But I'd appreciate hearing of others' experiences with this fileout before publishing it.  Thanks ;-)


  -- Scott

At 9:27 AM -0300 12/26/02, Magistrello Alejandro (SFA) wrote:
>The ClassCommentVersionBrowser was not working
>for all classes (ProcessBrowser is one), it was
>looking for a commentStamp that get lost after a condenseChanges
>best Regards
>Alejandro Magistrello
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