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> Cees de Groot wrote:
> > Hans-Martin Mosner <hmm at heeg.de> said:
> > >BTW, Happy New Year everybody - may all your wishes for 
> this year come true!
> > >
> > Like a Russian ICBM going wild and exploding in Redmond? ;-)
> <non-serious>
> Well I wouldn't mind that much... as long as the warhead is 
> equipped with a
> capable EMP device, and not an atomic bomb - there are rumors 
> that non-MS-heads
> live in Redmond, too, and you don't want to harm them...
> </non-serious>

Despite my distaste for Microsoft I can't say I'd like to see anyone
physically harmed.  There are, however, some punishments I wouldn't mind
having visited upon certain individuals at MS...

	1.  Steve Ballmer - make him do his "monkey boy" routine at a joint 
		conference for behavioral psychologists, primatologists, and
		dance choreographers, and then force him to listen, gagged
		bound, to their analyses, critiques, etc.

	2.  Bill Gates - should be forced to learn to code in something
		Basic.  For a truly cruel twist, make the "something" COBOL.

	3.  Charles Simonyi - should be required to write 10,000,000 times
"I will
		use type-revealing names" on a blackboard the size of a
barn.  (For 			those who don't know, Mr. Simonyi is the
inventor of "Hungarian
		notation", the system of prefixing variable names with type
		information, which I have found objectionable from the day I
		encountered it).

Bob Jarvis
Compuware @ Timken

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