[Q] How suitable is Squeak for Database work

tblanchard at mac.com tblanchard at mac.com
Sat Jan 4 00:45:12 UTC 2003

Whats a DBI layer?

On Saturday, January 4, 2003, at 01:42  AM, Avi Bryant wrote:

> On Fri, 3 Jan 2003, Nevin Pratt wrote:
>>> Yup, I'm using it with MySQL.
>>> Colin Putney
>>> Whistler.com
>> And I'm using it with PostgreSQL
> I see your MySQL and PostgreSQL and raise you SQLite and ODBC.  All 
> four
> of those drivers are available on SqueakMap.  If anyone really wants 
> it I
> hacked out most of a bridge to JDBC as well (slow, but useful for the 
> thin
> oracle drivers).
> Not to mention the object databases (MinneStore, Magma, BDB) and
> object/relational mappings (GLORP, Tantalus) available.
> What Squeak doesn't have, unfortunately, is any DBI-like database
> abstraction layer.  But it's easy enough to roll your own when you 
> need it
> that nobody seems to have much interest in doing it properly.
> Avi

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