[Q] How suitable is Squeak for Database work

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Sat Jan 4 04:44:50 UTC 2003

Avi Bryant <avi at beta4.com> is claimed by the authorities to have written:

> On Fri, 3 Jan 2003, Tim Rowledge wrote:

> > If it expects a local implementation of MySQL, then I fear not. If it
> > works to another machine via reasonably simple socket calls then it
> > might be plausible, even exciting to some people.
> The latter.
Hmm, looks like it might work ok _but_ it is GPL and 'unsuitable for
Squeak' which kinda makes it a bit pointless to have on SM really. Does
anyone actually know the author enough to ask if he'd relicense it?

Oh and I see it uses random numbers all over the place; shades of

And lastly, can anyone point to either an accesible server or an
actually intelligable instruction page to get one running on a linux
box, preferably with some example data to try things out with?


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