[Q] any known AMD issues?

Ken Collins kenncoll123 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 4 07:41:55 UTC 2003

I am now using a new machine and have run into many problems getting Squeak 
to run as it did on my last (P4 933mhz 128 RAM) machine. I am wondering if 
there are any known AMD issues. Everything else I normally use regularly 
(audio/video/graphics/etc apps) work FINE on this machine. VW7 and STX also 
work as usual.

I suppose this is most specific to VI4, since that is what I was using on my 
last machine and want to keep using. On those lines, I FINALLY got 
VI4-3.4Beta5156.image to work after nearly giving up...
Also, I get errors galore when trying to use SM that I never got on the P4 

AMD Athlon 1.3 mhz
384 MB RAM

Suppose I should mention that I have reformatted HD several times and have 
latest Norton Antivirus updates saying all is OK in that area.



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