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Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at d.umn.edu
Sat Jan 4 08:24:19 UTC 2003


Does anyone here have experience getting the Objective-C Squeak bridge
working? I downloaded the 3.2.4 CocoaSqueak VM and the Objc-Bridge.1.cs
file in the same folder and am using these on OS X 10.2.2. I downloaded t
file called "CocoaSqueak-3.2.4.dmg " and when installed, reports to have
been modified on 2 Dec 02, but it reports itself to be version 3.2.3.
(Curiously enough, when I attempt to download the real 3.2.3 by clicking
on it in the download section, my web browsers report that it is being
sent a file with the suffix "3.2.4.")

If I try the examples, ObjcBridge>>#loadBundle: and
ObjcBridge>>#pdfAsMorph:, it fails with MNU:  #objcToSqueak: being sent
to an instance of ObjcBridge.  Same thing if I try it with a snippet of
my own code, for instance:

| b nsImageC |
b := ObjcBridge new initialize.
nsImageC := b getClass: 'NSImage'.
nsImageC alloc.

I tried it on Squeak 3.2gamma #4827.  The Objc-Bridge.1.cs to be found at
Metaobject was filed out at #4743 in 3.2gamma. I'm guessing it's not an
image version issue.

Anyone know a combination to get this puppy working so that I can put up a
pdf2x (where x = {png, jpeg, gif} ) converter for the the Squeakers of the
world to view PDFs from with Squeak?

The mentioned bridge changeset and VM were obtained at:


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