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Blaine Buxton blainebuxton at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 4 17:42:32 UTC 2003

I split my time between Squeak and Dolphin. I use Dolphin when I want to do 
Microsoft client stuff and use Squeak for experiments and server-side. 
Dolphin has been great for me in playing with COM and other Microsoft 
technologies. I can learn so much from a Smalltalk image. I find working in 
any smalltalk implementation is better than what I do at work (don't 
ask...hint: it ain't smalltalk). Anymore, Smalltalk is a fantasy of being 
super productive. The things I accomplish in 2 hours of smalltalk equal what 
I can do in one day at work. It's frustrating...=)

Whoever made the quote about Smalltalk being a drug was right! I just dream 
of the day that I can work in Smalltalk ALL OF THE TIME...=) I'm trying to 
work toward that goal...The only way to get Smalltalk back is for us to 
create the opportunities!
Blaine Buxton
[self isProgrammingInSmalltalk] whileTrue: [self wiggleAndSmile]

>From: "Ken Collins" <kenncoll123 at hotmail.com>
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>Subject: [Q] Squeak and...
>Date: Thu, 02 Jan 2003 01:29:31 +0000
>I am curious about which other Smalltalks Squeakers use. I imagine Squeak 
>is a/the favorite of Squeakers, but I'm wondering what other favorites 
>there are and why. I jump between Squeak, VW, and STX - always comming back 
>to Squeak - mainly to look into widget/GUI stuff.
>Cheers - and Happy New Year!
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