[Q] any known AMD issues?

Gary Fisher gafisher at sprynet.com
Sun Jan 5 00:23:36 UTC 2003

Hi, Ken!

Good to know it wasn't a processor issue.  (-:

Glad to hear you worked through it; it's tough to build with a new tool that
isn't working properly.


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  I started from scratch again. This time everything worked except one
  with Win32NativeFonts: the plugin ends up in the wrong place. On this
  machine, I have Squeak (VM, Image, etc in: "C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\NewSqueak".
  When I install Win32NativeFonts via the package Loader, the plugin gets
  into: "C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\NewSqueak\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\NEWSQUEAK". No big
  I just move it into the right folder and it works.

  I must have had a virus or something before nuking the HD.
  SqueakVI4-3.4.beta.5156.image is working great again :)



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  >Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 04:50:59 -0500
  >I have set up and run various images through 3.2 on both Duron and Athlon
  >machines with no problems occurring in my tests.  Although I did not run
  >comprehensive benchmarks, the basic operations functioned fine and I have
  >heard no complaints from the schools which received the machines.  Can
  >describe in more detail the problems you're seeing?
  >Gary Fisher
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  >   Subject: [Q] any known AMD issues?
  >   I am now using a new machine and have run into many problems getting
  >   to run as it did on my last (P4 933mhz 128 RAM) machine. I am
  >   there are any known AMD issues. Everything else I normally use
  >   (audio/video/graphics/etc apps) work FINE on this machine. VW7 and STX
  >   work as usual.
  >   I suppose this is most specific to VI4, since that is what I was using
  >   last machine and want to keep using. On those lines, I FINALLY got
  >   VI4-3.4Beta5156.image to work after nearly giving up...
  >   Also, I get errors galore when trying to use SM that I never got on
  >   machine.
  >   AMD Athlon 1.3 mhz
  >   384 MB RAM
  >   Win98SE
  >   Suppose I should mention that I have reformatted HD several times and
  >   latest Norton Antivirus updates saying all is OK in that area.
  >   TIA,
  >   Ken
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