TimeStamp is part of SM?

Cees de Groot cg at cdegroot.com
Sun Jan 5 20:46:29 UTC 2003

Lex Spoon <lex at cc.gatech.edu> said:
>At the least, a package supporting this stuff should probably restrict
>itself to the timezone that the machine is running in; every country in
>the world is allowed to have its own timezone regulations, and so
>dealing with arbitrary timezones sounds quite tough. 

Consider, say, webmail. Our webmail login
(http://www.theinternetone.net/cgi-bin/sqwebmail) asks for your local
timezone, so mails you write have the correct Date: header. For this, it must
be able to make all the necessary calculations to convert its local OS
timezone into whatever the user indicates (including winter/summertime). 

So the image should be able to make time calculations with arbitrary
timezones, IMHO. 

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