SM feature request :)

Jimmie Houchin jhouchin at
Tue Jan 7 04:27:31 UTC 2003


Recently reinstalled Debian to my home system. Downloaded and 
reinstalled Squeak 3.2-6VM and 3.4beta image.

Updated the system and am playing with SM.

While looking at the packages one thing that seemed missing to me was 
timestamps or date info. At least in the SM Package Loader and in the 
SqueakMap Browser UIs, there is any information on when the package was 
created or uploaded to SM.

It would be nice, IMO, if there were a timestamp/date field to the 
version in the view and possibly a timestamp/date history field to allow 
an understanding of package activity. Also possibly an activity field 
which is editable by author, etc. with entries like, very-active, 
active, inactive...

Seems like it would help people in choosing packages. Would help decide 
between similar packages. One looks featured and promising, but no 
activity in some time, the other is very active and adding like features 
but hasn't arrived.

As SM gets more populated it seems like this would be a nice feature.

Not trying to add to Göran's (et al) "got more than I can handle" 
feature list. But just wanted to toss this one into the hat. :)

Yes, I know CSes accepted. :)
Wish I were able, hopefully someday.


Jimmie Houchin

Thanks to everyone who contributes to Squeak.
To me it is such a bright spot, a ray of sunshine in computing and keeps 
me excited. :)

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