A Question about Croquet's Philosophy...

Cees de Groot cg at cdegroot.com
Tue Jan 7 15:37:45 UTC 2003

 <inglang.com at inglang.com> said:
>Such fun! Even my kids (5 yrs. & 3 yrs. old) kept asking me, "Go in another 
>door, please!” 
The only thing my kids said was 'Daddy, when are you finally buying a faster
notebook?' ;)

>How does Viewpoint Research plan to address security for the Croquet villages 
>once they start attacking castles? :) 
I don't know how VRI plans it. I'd look at E (www.erights.org) and EROS, and
go that way. Capability-based security and all the patterns that roll out from
there (sealers/unsealers, etcetera) is the only thing that is likely to scale
up and stay reliable. 

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