Connectors drawing embedded in StarBrowser

Ken Causey ken at
Thu Jan 9 21:20:37 UTC 2003

I'm trying to get a Connnectors drawing to show up as a StarBrowser item
and I've made some progress but I'm not quite there.  You can see an
example of what I'm ending up with so far at

This is the result of choosing add object.. and using the code

| aworld aproject |
aworld _ NCWorldMorph new initialize.
aproject _ NCDrawingProject newMorphicOn: aworld.
aproject changeSet name: NCDrawingProject newProjectName.
aproject world addMorph: aproject buildBasicToolbar.
^ aworld.

I had a slightly different result yesterday where the PasteUpMorph
nearly filled the the pane but the flaps weren't position so that they
could be seen.  At that time I wasn't yet adding the toolbar.  Seems
like I somehow need to link the size of the NCWorldMorph to the size of
the pane but I can't quite see how to do so.

Anybody else tried to get a similar result?

Is there another way to embed a connectors drawing other than using

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